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Sorry I've been so incredibly inactive, I've just had very little motivation for... anything... lately...
TMW you're so tired that when you go to buy some ice cream and nearly have a panic attack because you misread the expiration date and think it expired three months ago instead of nine months from now. xD
Lol, I recently cut my hair really short and it occurs to me that with enough hair gel, I could style it like Pearl's. xD
o.o Sometimes I feel like the only one that ships Papyton as an emotional relationship rather than platonic or sexual... I dunno, to me, Mettaton really is only attracted to men emotionally, not physically, and it's doubled with Papyrus by the fact that he's had a crush on Paps since he was Hapstablook. And then you got sweet cinnamon roll Papyrus who is simply too naive to even understand what sex is. I mean... am I seriously the only one who doesn’t think Mettaton is necessarily a sex feind just because his EX form is made to look attractive and alluring?
Comic is gonna be posted late today, I have things to get done today. ^.~


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Angie Smith
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Female || Panromantic || Demi-Bisexual || Liberal Christian w/Zen Philosophies || 30

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Heart Mood Icon by Gasara If I don't reply to your comment right away, I'm not ignoring you. I'm currently dealing with some rough anxiety and will sometimes shy away from talking to anyone at all and just may not have the words to say at the moment and will respond to you as soon as I can.

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara I am multifandom, my gallery just reflects whichever one is my muse at the moment. :P At current my work mostly consists of YouTube Gamers, creepypasta/Slenderverse and Undertale fanart, with some old Zelda fanart straggling in the deep reaches of my gallery. xD

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara I started as an artist in sixth grade when my best friend introduced me to Pokemon and my mind went "I MUST DRAW THESE ADORABLE CREATURES!!!" I literally bought a strategy guide for Pokemon Yellow just to flip to the back and try and copy the Pokemon. The same friend also introduced me to Sailor Moon, where I learned I had more passion and talent for drawing humans, but at current, trying to draw different anthropomorphic characters such as Pokemorphs, FNAF and Undertale characters to len myself into trying to actually get better at animals.

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara Speaking of Pokemon, I do play the games on occasion, but I see Pokemon as pets, so my favorites are chosen by visual appeal. My favorite Pokemon are Mew, Chikorita, Skitty, Absol, Fennekin, Purrloin, Vulpix, Torchic and Eevee. FYI, for those that apply, this includes their evolutionary line. So yes, that means all the Eeveelutions. Favorites of the Eeveelutions: Vaporeon, Umbreon, Sylveon.

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara My 3DS Friend Code is 4167-4616-7576. Just a heads up though, when I'm at school I'm often too lazy to connect it to the internet, additionally, since I became Undertale trash I have barely touched the thing, so if you've sent me a request and I haven't answered, that's why. ^^;

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara I am hyper-sensitive and brutally honest. I may have a tendency to radically misinterpret your meaning and then respond as bluntly as possible. I apologize for that.

Heart Mood Icon by GasaraI am from Minnesota, and I have never heard anyone say "donchya know" unironically. xD I have a cousin who says it sometimes, but her voice is laced with sarcasm when she does.

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara I also have never had, nor do I have any desire to try, lutefisk. I love fish, but I have no desire to eat any that's taken a 48+ hour bath in lye... :sick:

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara One day these points will be a coherent paragraph... Or not. I'm flexible.

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara I've... recently become a biiiit obsessed with Mettaton from Undertale... xD Seriously, my obsession with him is significantly disproportionate to how much I like the game. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but I'm serious when I say I'm OBSESSED with him. And by that I mean I actually like him as a character, not just as a sex icon. Lol
Mettaton by pifemoteddy
(art by pifemoteddy )

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara You may occasionally hear me say I like Jeff the Killer, that's... not entirely accurate. I am in no way one of his ... "fangirls". When I say I like Jeff, I actually mean the AU headcanon I created of him that can be found here in my gallery, namely the How Far We've Strayed folder. I actually abhor both the original creepypasta and what the fandom has done to him. However, I am one of those people who see potential in the idea and character, so I spent two months developing a version of him specifically to be the complete opposite of the Pasta and the fanon, and be a realistic human being with help from my former EMT father, who reads books on serial killers for fun. Through the process I grew attached to him and now he's kinda my "baby".

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara I like to consider my gallery a drama-free zone for the troublesome fandoms I am in, so please, no flame wars or hate in my comment sections. I'd have to read those and I've already stated I'm hyper-sensitive. However, I do encourage friendly debates. ^-^


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